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Saturday, May 23, 2009

BM Boschmann 12" Subwoofer 500W "RIOT OF BASS" Competition Series (Car Speaker) - REPRICED PHP 3,500

BM Boschmann 12" Subwoofer 500W "RIOT OF BASS" Competition Series

PHP 3,500.00

R E P R I C E D ! ! !

2nd Hand, Good as NEW!!!


Quite simply, BM BoschmannRiot of BassCompetition Series is BM Audio Labs' most versatile and volatille bass component subwoofer. The Single Voice Coil “Riot of Bass” subs are built for competition durability that handle loads & loads of low-frequency power.

SPECIFICATIONS: (Per Each Voice Coil)

- Designed and Engineered by: BM Audiolabs, Inc. (USA)
- Sound Pressure Level: 89.53 dB
- Max Power Output: 500 Watts
- RMS Rating: 350 Watts
- SVC: Single Voice Coil
- Nominal Inpedence: 4 Ohms
- 12" Subwoofer for Automobile HI-FI Systems
- Massive 220 Ounce! Double Staked Strontium Magnut


- Carbon Graphite-Enhanced High Density Pure Aluminum Die Cast Speaker Frame & Structure
- KEVLAR-Impregnated High Bonding-Stiffness Low-Mass Cone For Excellent Power Handling And SPL Output
- Fiber-Glass Anodized Former Cooled Dual Kapton Voice Coil Former
- Large Magnitude Force Excursion (LMFE) Bumped Back Plate & Long Extension Pole Piece Construction
- Revolutionary Asymmetrical Linear Dual-Drive (ALDD) Magnetic Motor Mechanism Design
- Infinite Flux-Density High Energy Staked Strontium Magnets
- Lead Wires Integrated Into Damper For High Reliability And Efficient Power Transfer


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