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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini Clubman S Rally Edition

Mini Clubman S Rally Edition

The Rally Edition of Mini Clubman S will be made available in US market on October. It will be in limited units where each Mini dealer is expected to receive one car with a unique plaque and Rally Green mirror caps and side skirts. The new Mini SUV type comes in Midnight Black with clear lens indicators, xenon headlights, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a Bluetooth kit. If you are big Mini fan, this is your chance to own one of its exclusive releases – the Rally Edition which tag price will start at $33,000.

Mini Clubman S Rally Edition

Mini Clubman S Rally Edition

MINI Coupe Concept

MINI Coupe Concept

Celebrating 50 years since its first release, a new model of the MINI is conceptualized and many are keeping their fingers crossed that it goes into production. The new version is the MINI Coupe. While the front end may look like the modern MINI, the rear sports a whole new look. Gone is the vertical rear windshield and rear seats. The result is more luggage space at the back and a more sporty look. Every engine available for the MINI is still accommodated in this version so driving fast is always an option for this tiny car.

Mini Coupe

Mini Coupe

Mini Coupe

2010 Jaguar XK Portfolio Convertible

2010 Jaguar XK Portfolio Convertible

If you are looking for a fast ride, with some style that will let your hair blow in the breeze, then you are looking for the 2010 Jaguar XK Portfolio Convertible. This two-seater may not get the best gas mileage for it’s size from it’s V8 engine, but as fast is it can go, the gas pump may be the only place where the car isn’t moving too fast for people to actually see it.

2010 Jaguar XK Portfolio Convertible

2010 Jaguar XK Portfolio Convertible

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2010 Honda CR-V

2010 Honda CR V

This new, updated image of the 2010 Honda CR-V has just appeared on Honda’s JDM website along with news it’ll be officially revealed on the first day of the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new image of the car is great, and definitely has us interested, but we really want to see it in person, with our own eyes.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brawn's Rubens Barrichello top after opening free practice at European GP

Brazilian veteran Rubens Barrichello topped the times for Brawn GP after the opening free practice session for this weekend's European Grand Prix.

The 37-year-old Barrichello clocked a best time of one minute and 42.460 seconds around the Mediterranean harbour street circuit with 15 minutes remaining on a hot morning in eastern Spain.

Finn Heikki Kovalainen was second fastest for McLaren ahead of his team-mate, defending drivers world champion Lewis Hamilton of Britain, who won his first race of the season at last month's Hungarian Grand Prix.

Championship-leading Briton Jenson Button was fourth in the second Brawn at the conclusion of an eventful morning's action which ended with Barrichello's car struggling with gearbox problems as he went for an even faster lap time.

Button was fastest for a long period during the morning, but ended up six-tenths of a second off Barrichello's pace, but the duo's overall performance suggested that Brawn have rediscovered some of their best form after three races in the doldrums.

German Sebastian Vettel was the top Red Bull driver in fifth position ahead of compatriot Adrian Sutil, who was sixth for the much-improved Force India team.

Japanese Kaazuki Nakajima was seventh for Williams ahead of Australian Mark Webber in the second Red Bull with two-times champion Spaniard Fernando Alonso of Renault and Finn Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari completing the top ten.

The session saw a flurry of incidents, but no serious accidents, as many drivers ran wide over the kerbs on the dusty asphalt circuit.

French debutant Romain Grosjean of Renault was 17th, more than a second slower than team-mate Alonso and veteran comeback driver Italian Luca Badoer, replacing injured Brazilian Felipe Massa for Ferrari, was 20th, two seconds down on Raikkonen.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Drive: 2010 Mazdaspeed3, the five-door sports car evolved

It's easy to dismiss Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom" tagline as insufferable marketing frippery. Unlike other automakers who relentlessly cling to past motorsport achievements or well-worn brand imagery, with Mazda, there's an overwhelming sense that its U.S. arm is made up of tried-and-true enthusiasts who put a premium on driver involvement and revel in their status as The Little Guy.

It's very grassroots. And it shows.

Each of Mazda's products – from the divine MX-5 to the oft-overlooked CX-7 – embodies everything we want in a vehicle, regardless of size, capacity or utility. They just deliver. Steering, handling, balance – it's all there. And like every other automaker, we know they occasionally leave something on the table, but it never comes at the expense of the car/driver connection. Here's even more evidence: the 2010 Mazdaspeed3.

Like the recently revised Mazda 3, we approached the 'Speed variant with a fair amount of trepidation. Its standard sibling is far and away our favorite compact, and the last Mazdaspeed version proved at least one Japanese automaker could still put out a proper hot hatch without trying to be all things to all people. It was niche, but embraced its status and didn't apologize for it.

When the team began development of the new Mazdaspeed3, there was talk of boosting output to over 300 horsepower and adding all-wheel drive. But as Mazda learned the hard way with the FD RX-7, going overboard with complexity and sending the price into the stratosphere takes its toll on mechanicals and consumers alike. Even so, Mazda looked above and beyond its direct competitors, benchmarking vehicles like the Mitsubishi Evolution IX for steering feel and handling prowess. As you'd expect, the result is evolutionary. But we suspect when current MS3 owners take a spin in the 2010 model, they'll be more than tempted to trade up – assuming they can get past the styling.

If you haven't warmed-up to the Mazda3's new sheetmetal, the 'Speed version won't help matters. Whereas the outgoing model primarily benefited from a more upright, aggressive fascia and a prominent wing (creating a perfect sport compact sleeper), the new version takes the eccentric lines of the revised 3, adds a blowhole hood scoop, larger wing and a set of 18-inch multi-spoke wheels similar to RX-8 R3's. If it's any consolation, the scoop is wholly functional, directing air towards the top-mount intercooler and – unlike the previous version – providing an uninterrupted flow to the intake.

Although the new ducting boosts efficiency, output is still rated at 263 hp at 5,500 rpm and 280 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm. However, Mazda engineers confided in us that the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-pot is actually putting out a bit more power. So why isn't it rated higher? Mazda's boffins couldn't elaborate (or give us internal figures), but it came down to the SAE's testing methods. Take that for what it's worth, but color us intrigued... if skeptical.

The redline remains at 6,750 rpm and, like the last model, the engine outruns the turbo at around 6,000 rpm. Forward momentum falls off, but it's not as precipitous as the last MS3, and the additional revs are welcome when you're flying towards a corner and don't want to shift up, only to be forced to immediately downshift before entering a turn. Thankfully, the six-speed manual transmission benefits from a new set of gear ratios that land directly inside the torque curve when short-shifting at the self-imposed six-grand redline.

Mazda is still limiting power in first through third gears based on throttle input and steering angle to quell torque-steer, and while its presence can still be felt, the artificial reigns only manifest when skittering across broken pavement on power and when disabling the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and nailing the throttle in a straight line. If crab-walking was your biggest concern with the last model, it's been addressed and improved, but hardly eliminated. And Mazda admits that they could have done more to reduce the effects, but it would've affected outright performance and they "wanted to keep it a little rough."

Dave Coleman, one of the lead engineers behind the project admitted that one of the primary goals of the new MS3 was to evolve the handling. "The old [Mazdaspeed3] was more of a muscle than a sports car," Coleman told us, "We wanted to bring the handling up to the level of the engine."

With a more rigid chassis to work with, Coleman and the rest of the crew were able to engineer a stiffer suspension that wouldn't affect daily drivability. The geometry remains the same, but everything in between has been upgraded, resulting in a noticeably smoother ride. Those forced to endure the bombed-out roadways of the Midwest probably won't notice, but if your local municipality isn't bankrupt, you'll benefit from the tweaks.

As for the rest of the upgrades, they're relatively minor. The Dunlop SP Sport 2050 tires have grown in width from 215s to 225s and like the standard 3, an electro-hydraulic steering system is employed to provide better feel at speed and ease-up when puttering around the parking lot. Inside, it's essentially standard Mazda3 fare, with the addition of thicker bolsters on the front thrones, red stitching on the seats and steering wheel, aluminum pedals and an LED boost gauge nestled in between the tach and speedo. Did we mention the wonky seat and door card fabric? In keeping with the times and tradition, Mazda is only offering one upgrade – the Tech Package – which includes the undersized Multi Information Display (MID), a Bose Centerpoint surround sound system, six-disc changer, MP3 player connectivity, perimeter alarm and push button start. The Tech pack tacks on an additional $1,895 to the $23,195 base price, which starts just $455 more than the outgoing model.

So... that's a wrap, right? The Mazdaspeed3 is slightly more expensive, benefits from a few substantive modifications, weighs in around 50 pounds heavier than its predecessor and comes clothed in functional love-it-or-hate-it styling. It's not nearly that simple.

Although the gestation of the MS3 was carried out in Japan, most of the drivability developments for the U.S. were done on and around Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca. As such, you'd assume the 'Speed would be the perfect daily-driver turned (tuned?) track-tool. It is – to a point.

Around Laguna Seca, the Mazdaspeed3 is exactly what you'd expect: powerful, competent and composed. The steering is sublime, the shifter and gear ratios are beyond reproach and all that torque is delivered in a seamless wave that executes point-to-point track-attacks with ease. It's all incredibly civilized. Understeer comes on smoothly and predictably, allowing a quick lift to bring things back into line, and with that much twist available at nearly any rpm in any gear, mid-corner flubs are replaced with heroic exits. Even torque steer, which you'd assume would necessitate overly measured throttle inputs, isn't an issue. Just squirt and go. It's that simple, but not nearly as entertaining as we expected.

However, leave the track, get on your favorite macadam road and prepared to be amazed. Regardless of the DSC setting, blasting down an undulating stretch of tarmac in the Mazdaspeed3 delivers one of those rare gearhead-affirming experiences each of us craves. Linking bends over pockmarked pavement, the MS3 becomes your surefooted best friend; a trust-worthy confidante that will keep you honest and engaged. The brakes are up to the task, the LSD dolls out the grunt, and finger-tippy steering and rhythmic pedal inputs generate one of the most consistent and rewarding front-wheel driving experiences on the market.

Needless to say, we're smitten all over again. What the 2010 Mazdaspeed3 lacks in on-track exhilaration, it makes up for on the open road. And since that's where most of us spend our time, it's tuned to suit. If you're a dedicated track-addict, your circuit-ready ride awaits you on the weekends. For the days in between, the Mazdaspeed3 fends off the cravings.

British Motor Show toast for 2010

The British Motor Show has been canceled for 2010, as poor attendance and a weak economy have conspired to deep-six the bi-annual event. The news comes after a meeting of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the owners of the show for over 100 years. The British Motor Show was once a vibrant event for showcasing new cars and trucks in Britain, but recent shows have been a near total bust. The event once attracted over 900,000 visitors, but recent shows have drawn half that number. The show was even relocated to London in 2006, and organizers were rewarded with a further drop in attendance for their efforts. While the loss of the 2010 show is depressing for car-lovers, some are speculating that the show may be scuttled all-together due to its long and painful decline.

News of the cancellation follows tough results for auto shows world-wide. Several automakers skipped out on North American International Auto Show in Detroit, while rumors have persisted that the Tokyo Motor Show will be canceled altogether. In Australia, the Sydney show has been canceled, as well. This is bad news for auto show lovers everywhere (*raises hand*), and we're hoping the trend reverses itself soon.

MG car show at the Vanderbilt Museum

This 1974 MGB owned by

One car you will not find on the "Top Cars for Older Drivers" list is the MG, because many boomers and seniors who are still into sports cars would have a hard time getting out of the tiny two-seaters.

But, there's no harm in looking.

The MG's peak of popularity in the United States was in the '60s and early '70s, when, in the wake of The Beatles and James Bond, all things British were seen as hip and stylish.

To see a collection of MGs, head over to the Vanderbilt Museum Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the MG car show.

For fans of fancier British roadsters, the Vanderbilt is presenting a Jaguar car show on Sept. 13.

And all-American muscle will be on display Oct. 4 when the annual Corvette show rolls onto the Vanderbilt's grounds.

The museum admission of $7 for adults, $6 for seniors 62 and older includes access to the estate grounds and the car shows. For more information, call 631-854-5555.

Picture Car Warehouse’s movie stars on the auction block, featuring vehicles from Indiana Jones, A-Team, Transformers, Fast& Furious and many more


Last Saturday, August 15th, a big movie props and vehicle auction was held at LA Center Studios. Most of the movie cars came from Picture Car Warehouse, Hollywood’s biggest provider of wheeled heroes, villains, stars and extras. PCW was founded by Ted Moser and has supplied vehicles for hundred of movies and TV shows, including the Fast and Furious franchise, Knight Rider, Grindhouse, XXX, Mad Men, Transformers and Indiana Jones. Up for auction were, among others, the green chopper from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that Megan Fox liked so much, along with the “Barricade” Saleen Mustang and the “Landmine” sandrail, the van from Little Miss Sunshine, some Challengers fromThe Bucket List, the ‘32 hot rod from the latest Indiana Jones, KITT from the TV movie Knight Rider 2000, a pair of humongous H2s from Dragonball , an F-Bomb Camaro from Fast & Furious… and an A-Team van replica! A few cars from other collectors and a lot of props were there as well.

Hot Import Girls: Alicia Whitten

Alicia Whitten

It’s really easy to see why Alicia Whitten is one of the top models on the circuit right now. She is beautiful, has a great body and a shining personality. It’s hard to find a flaw in this girl, but we wouldn’t mind spending an extended amount of time with her to try to find one. That would take a really long time thouugh, which is fine by us.

Friday, August 21, 2009

US F1 Lands YouTube Co-Founder As Primary Investor

VALENCIA, Spain -- The new US F1 Formula One team has landed YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley as its primary investor for its 2010 debut racing campaign.

"I am thrilled to be a part of America's first Formula One team in more than 40 years," Hurley said in a statement. "Getting in on the ground floor of a project of this size and scope is a tremendous opportunity, and I look forward to helping shape the US F1 vision and corporate strategy for years to come."

Hurley is chief executive of YouTube, the video-sharing Web site that has become a global phenomenon worth $1.65 billion.

Hurley said that he would bring corporate strategy and media planning experience to the team, with video expected to be "a big part of what we do at US F1."

"I see tremendous potential for all sports to integrate more media, more social connections, connect with the fans and build a fan base," he said. "Hopefully we can create compelling content that individuals around the world have an opportunity to view and share, and really feel like they are part of the team."

Charlotte-based US F1 is one of three new teams added to next year's championship to push the starting grid from 20 cars to 26.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jay Leno to Have ’Green Car Challenge’ As One of His Main Segments on His New Show

Jay Leno to have 'Green Car Challenge' as one of his main segments on his new show

When Jay Leno officially hung up his gloves as a late-night talk show host, the prevailing thought was it was only a matter of time before he ends up in front of the cameras again.

Apparently, the return was sooner than most of us thought. Leno is scheduled to debut a one-hour prime-time show, which is predictably called, ‘The Jay Leno Show’, and being a true pistonhead, Leno is pitching to include an auto-racing event as one of his key segments.

While the format for this segment seems familiar – Leno actually copied it from Top Gear’s ‘Reasonably-Priced Car Challenge’ from which, ironically, he was one of the guest drivers – the ex-late night host is adding his own personal twist into this segment.

He’s calling it the “Green Car Challenge”, which will have celebrities racing around a specially-designed track inside the NBC compound in a – you guessed it – environmentally-friendly car.

Teenager Plans to Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson Through a Smart Car

Teenager plans to pay tribute to Michael Jackson through a Smart Car

When Michael Jackson died, the whole world predictably mourned. News of the King of Pop’s untimely death has also resulted in thousands of tributes from his fans all over the world. One such fan, 18-year old Eric Callisto, paid his respects in a very unconventional way.

The teenager from Indiana is commemorating the life and times of Jacko by designing a Smart car. Callisto created a website where – for a $10 donation – fellow fans can have their names, businesses, or websites, put on the car.

It’s an unusual tribute even for Jackson’s standards, but Callisto says that the idea popped up after seeing the unprecedented grief Jackson’s fans sent out through Twitter. While we can’t fault Callisto for his intentions, it seems like an unusual tribute to a star known for being unconventional. Nevertheless, Callisto is still seeking the support from the Jackson family with the hopes of making his ‘tribute-designed’ Smart Car, the ‘official’ tribute car for Michael Jackson.

Unusual indeed.

In any case, if you’re a Michael Jackson fan and you feel that there’s still something you can do for your fallen idol, you can click on the website below and show your appreciation for the King of Pop by participating in Eric Callisto’s tribute car.

Richard Hammond crashes Morgan AeroMax

 Richard Hammond crashes Morgan AeroMax wallpaper image

Oops! Richard Hammond did it again! After he almost died in a 280 MPH dragster crash, he was now involved in a new super car crash. This time he was driving a £110,000 Morgan AeroMax supercar.

The incident happened in the village of Gloucestershire where another car braked suddenly. Richard hit the Nissan in front of him. According to a witness to the incident the car’s front was damaged in a pretty bad way.

"Everyone got out and exchanged details and there was some good-humoured banter exchanged by the drivers after they realized it was him." reported an onlooker.

The Aeromaxis is powered by a 4.8 Lliter BMW V8 engine and can hit a top speed of 170 MPH. But it seems that Richard was only able to enjoy his super car just for a few months!

NASCAR champions, drivers honored at White House


President Obama's homage to NASCAR nation will have to wait.

The president had planned to welcome champion NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson -- and his car -- to the White House today. But Sunday's race in Pennsyvania got postponed a day for rain, and the White House had to change its schedule.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs said the event will be Aug. 19, instead.

Here's a picture of Johnson earlier this year at the Darlington Raceway in South Carolina.

NASCAR has also become a symbol for white, rural voters who are courted by both parties. And given the fact that presidents love to associate with sports champions and other winners, expect the Johnson visit to be re-scheduled fairly soon.

Massa targets return at home GP

Felipe Massa

Massa continues to make a good recovery from his injuries at home in Brazil

Felipe Massa has told Brazilian television he hopes to return to racing at the Brazilian Grand Prix on 18 October, Autosport magazine reports.

The Ferrari driver, 28, is recovering at home after suffering severe head injuries in a crash during qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

"I cannot wait to race again, I hope I can do the Brazilian Grand Prix," he told television channel Globo.

"But it's for the doctors to say. I have to show I can be ready."

Massa's accident, which occurred on 25 July, happened after a spring from Rubens Barrichello's Brawn GP car hit his helmet.

He was travelling at more than 160mph when the object hit him, but pressure on the brakes reduced his speed to about 60mph when he hit the tyre wall.

At first the injuries were described as "life-threatening", and there were fears for his eye sight.

Former Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher was set to come out of retirement to deputise for his friend while he recovered, before a neck injury put paid to the German's comeback plan.

Since then, Massa has made a good recovery and is now back home recuperating.

He will have to undergo a rigorous medical examination at the hands of the International Motorsport Federation (FIA) and also specialist eye check-up before he is allowed behind the wheel of an F1 car.

"I think I am going to do some laps in a go-kart beforehand," Massa added.

"Then I will go to the FIA to do the examinations and get the authorisation to come back to racing."

Horse Hit By Speeding Rally Car (Video)

Horse Hit By Speeding Rally Car

The horse is sent flying by the impact with the car.
The horse is sent flying by the impact with the car.

The from within the car just before making contact.
The from within the car just before making contact.

Argentine Rally contestant Federico Villagra was coming over a verge in his Ford Focus when three native horses wandered into his path.

The car hit the first horse in the hindquarters and sent it spiralling into the air but narrowly missed the other two animals.

"I was surprised that some horses crossed … (one) hit the windshield and flew over the car," Villagra was quoted by the Los Andes newspaper as saying.

The surreal footage of the incident is corroborated by an in-car camera that demonstrates how quickly the incident occurred from the occupants' perspective.

The driver and navigator can be seen working together as their car accelerates out of a corner and up a small hill, where they catch the briefest of glimpses of the horses before the bonnet and windshield are smashed in by the force of the impact.

The duo are clearly shocked by the incident but keep driving, even though the soundtrack suggests the engine and other mechanicals have been badly damaged.

They still managed to finish the stage, losing only 30 seconds.

Villagra later told reporters he was "fortunate" to have come out of the crash unscathed.

Wild horses are a common hazard for rally drivers in the north of Argentina.

Roush Superformance MKIII-R: Built Specifically to tour the Country

Roush Superformance MKIII-R,Roush/Superformance,Roush,Superformance,Superformance MKIII,Roush

Roush Superferormance MKIII-R. The Roush elements will be available as an advance package that will be sold separately from the standard Superformance MKIII roadster.

The interior lineaments a set of Roush embroidered leather seats, unique gauges, billet short-throw shifter, Roush embroidered floor mats, dual gauge pod, and a serialized plaque. Customers can choose from a variety of Roush crate motors including the 427 IR V8 that is dyno tested at 576 horsepower and comes with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty.

Superformance is the only Shelby-licensed producer of Cobra kit cars and Roush is a long-familiar for their complete performance crate “street engines”. Roush/Superformance was built specifically to tour the country and represent the bread and butter of what Roush Performance Engines and Superformance LLC have to offer.

Lorinser Mercedes-Benz GLK

Lorinser Mercedes-Benz GLK

Latest car Lorinser Mercedez-Benz GLKaeromechanics bundle admits a new front bumper, bull bars, underside protection elements on the face and the rear and new side sills. The parts of the Lorinser Mercedes-Benz GLK have boastfully quadratic pricks as a styling feature.

The Lorinser Mercedes-Benz GLK also admits a rear spoiler bumper, four exhaust pipes, a sports grill insert and offers a range of light-alloy wheel designs.

The Lorinser Mercedes-Benz GLK also goes with dynamic Lorinser light-alloy wheels, which are available in various designs for the GLK, form a conscious counterpart to the rather Cuban-style bodywork and its components.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reiter Lamborgini Gallardo LP560 GT3

Reiter Lamborgini Gallardo LP560 GT3,Reiter,Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 GT3,Lamborghini LP560,Lamborghini LP560,GT3 ,Lamborghini ,Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 GT3,Reiter LP560 GT3

The latest car Reiter Lamborgini Galardo LP560 GT3 is founded on the production Lamborghini LP560-4. The Lamborgini Gallardo LP560 GT3 is fitted with a completely latest and more powerful 5.2 litre V10 engine acquiring 570 PS (419.2 kW) at 8,000 rpm. It also acquires importantly more torque than its predecessor (namely 540 Nm at 6,500 rpm). An EFI Euro 12 ECU performs the engine management. The Lamborgini Gallardo LP560 GT3 weighs 1,190 kg thank you to its light-weight design aluminium spaceframe-structure, which admits the chassis to be substantially lighter and highly rigid torsionally. The front and rear bodywork and the sills are also constructed from lightweight carbon fiber. The aerodynamics of the Lamborghini LP560 (carbon rear wing, front splitter and completely closed aluminum-honeycomb underfloor) have been improved by some 8%, compared to the previous version.

Mazda RX-8 Facelift

Mazda RX-8 Facelift,Mazda RX-8,RX-8,facelift,Mazda ,rx-8

Mazda rolled-out their latest car European version of the - Mazda RX-8 Facelift. The latest car Mazda RX-8 Facelift include a latest front bumper, latest headlights, and LEDs comprised into the rear lights. The face now brings the Mazda RX-8 more in line with the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. The company is also applying the latest side skirts, as well as latest 19-inch alloy wheels.

Fiat 500 will go to Mexico


Critics of Detroit’s carmakers could play a real game of gotcha with Chrysler. News reports today say the company will build the Fiat 500 subcompact at Chrysler’s plant in Toluca, Mexico, which builds the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Dodge Journey. Since Fiat owns 20% of Chrysler, the Italians can call the shots. Critics of the auto industry bailout and the government’s 8% ownership stake in Chrysler might say that we spent a few billion dollars to save Chrysler and guarantee Mexican jobs. But build that car here and the same critics could say that the government and the United Auto Workers, which owns 55% of Chrysler, swayed management to keep the jobs in the U.S.

Forget all of that. Building the 500 in Mexico makes good business sense. First of all, it’s tough to make a buck on compacts and tiny cars like the 500. With the exception of BMW’s Mini brand, those cars just don’t fetch fat sticker prices. So margins are usually thin. Mexican wages can help.

There’s another good reason to build in Mexico, especially a car that has international appeal like the 500. Mexico has some nice trade agreements with the European Union, Brazil and Asian countries like Thailand that keep import taxes low for cars, says Michael Robinet, vice president of CSM Worldwide. If you want to build cars in one plant and have access to the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and some Asian markets, going south of the border is sensible. Fiat-Chrysler can sell more of those cars globally and stand a better chance of making money if they can max out the plant with sales around the globe.

Sportec SC 200 Volkswagen Golf VI

Sportec SC 200 Volkswagen Golf VI,Sportec ,Sportec SC 200,VW Golf VI ,Volkswagen Golf VI ,Golf ,Sportec SC 200 VW Golf VI,Volkswagen Golf ,VW Golf VI,Volkswagen

Sportec rolled-out their latest car Sportec SC 200 which is established on the Volkswagen Golf VI 1.4 TSI. The agile Golf is here became into a actual GTI that at the same time has the commonly discreet Sportec external look. From a humble 1.4 litre cubic capability the masterful electronic handling of the Swiss vehicle mobilizes a full 200 PS with a torque of 300 Nm, which lies between 1,800 and 3,000 U/min (VW Series 160Ps/240 Nm by 1,500 U/min).

This Sportec SC 200 Volkswagen Golf VI ensures impressive driving appraises. The Sportec SC 200 shaves a entire 1.4 seconds off the 8.2 seconds taken by the VW Series for the sprint to 100 Km/h and is a full 3.2 seconds faster for the time taken to accelerate to 180 Km/h. Fuel ingestion still continues favourable: it does, all the same, demand the octane richer Superplus fuel (Super series) after its modification.

Externally the only visible signs of the increased performance can be found in the Sportec sports exhaust, which, although visually very similar to the original, with its heartier tone and above all lesser back pressure ensures increased capacity and optimum use of the combustion chamber.

Toyota FT-HS Concept Car

As cool cars go, the Toyota FT-HS Concept Car offers a glimpse of what the next Supra could look like. So, in anticipation of an actual hybrid sports car hitting the market at non-boutique dealer prices, let’s look at the HT-FS concept.