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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tired of Hearing About Hydrogen Cars Yet?

No? - Good - cause here’s another one for you!


A team of 40 students at Sakarya University, Turkey, have built an astounding hydrogen car. All 40 are members of the Advanced Technologies Implementation Group (SAITEM) at the university, comprised mostly of students who do the technical and mechanical work. This hydrogen fuel powered vehicle they call SAHIMO, is capable of an incredible 1,412 MPG (568 kilometers per liter). Constructed of 90% carbon-fiber this little aerodynamic vehicle weighs in at less than 243 pounds (110 kilograms). Not sure if that is fully fueled or not, nor the size of the fuel tank. But with that kind of mileage, you wouldn’t need more than a 2 gallon tank max and fully fueled would be not much over 16 pounds (7.26 kilograms).


SAHIMO has already participated in an eco-marathon, the 2009 European Shell Eco Marathon and took a very commendable third place. But, these kids are not setting back on their laurels. The students are working to improve SAHİMO’s performance, equipping it to reach a full 1,000 kilometers/per 1 liter, (around 2,485 Miles Per Gallon) !! That is absolutely incredible!


The students are striving for this milestone before participating in the first ever Global Green Challenge in October. A grueling trek across 1,864 miles (3,000 km), of the the Australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide, the Global Green Challenge is organized by the same organization responsible for the World Solar Challenge, (which introduced us to some very notable solar powered cars such as the University of Michigan’s Infinitum). In it’s debut, the 2009 Global Green Challenge will host approximately twenty electric, hybrid, alternative fuel and low emission production and prototype vehicles.

The cost of development for the SAHİMO was around $170,000. The team is looking for additional sponsorship to make the necessary improvements to achieve their goals. No doubt they will get sponsors, I know if I was some Ms. Got Rocks CEO, of a mega bucks corporation the sky would be the limit on funding these kids!

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