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Saturday, August 22, 2009

British Motor Show toast for 2010

The British Motor Show has been canceled for 2010, as poor attendance and a weak economy have conspired to deep-six the bi-annual event. The news comes after a meeting of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the owners of the show for over 100 years. The British Motor Show was once a vibrant event for showcasing new cars and trucks in Britain, but recent shows have been a near total bust. The event once attracted over 900,000 visitors, but recent shows have drawn half that number. The show was even relocated to London in 2006, and organizers were rewarded with a further drop in attendance for their efforts. While the loss of the 2010 show is depressing for car-lovers, some are speculating that the show may be scuttled all-together due to its long and painful decline.

News of the cancellation follows tough results for auto shows world-wide. Several automakers skipped out on North American International Auto Show in Detroit, while rumors have persisted that the Tokyo Motor Show will be canceled altogether. In Australia, the Sydney show has been canceled, as well. This is bad news for auto show lovers everywhere (*raises hand*), and we're hoping the trend reverses itself soon.

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