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Friday, August 7, 2009

Tire Repair Kit


Slime Smart Spair

As hundreds of thousands of motorists hit the roads, flat tires should be the furthest thing from their minds—and can be made possible—with Slime’s Smart Spair tire repair kit. This handy tire repair kit comes with a powerful 300 PSI air compressor, a 16-ounce bottle of Slime Super Duty Sealant and a complete air valve tool kit, the Smart Spair tire repair kit is a must-have for road trips.

The Smart Spair tire repair kit fixes at least 85-percent of all flat tires. The compact kit replaces the spare tire, jacks and tools that help lower the overall weight of the vehicle and free up valuable trunk space.

The portable, 12-volt air compressor boasts 300 PSI of power and plugs directly into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, significantly reducing the time it takes to fix or change a flat tire. In this simple process, there is no need to remove the tire or jack up the car. Slime sealant is inserted into the tire through the tire valve stem, and the compressor is used to inflate the tire while the driver waits safely inside the car. Within minutes the puncture is sealed, the tire is completely inflated and the car is ready to hit the road again. The estimated time the motorist will spend fixing the tire is less than ten minutes. Smart Spair tire repair kit is available at all Blade outlets and Hans Tools.

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Anonymous said...

Being prepared is always a good thought.

Check out and click the tire safety solution tab.

The video shows a tire being shot by a bullet and running over spikes.

The tire treated with this product does not go flat.