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Friday, August 7, 2009

Tuner Gear: Speedlab Honda Power Package

Speedlab Honda Power Package

Looking for more power through bolt ons? The SpeedLab Honda Civic Power Package is complete system guaranteed to give you up to 20% more power over stock. First is the SpeedLab K&N short ram intake system that removes the stock and restrictive airbox, allowing more airflow for the engine. Next is the SpeedLab stainless steel header and midpipe, this replaces the undersized and convoluted stock exhaust piping, allowing exhaust gases a speedier exit freeing up even more power. And finally there’s the Unichip piggyback fuel and ignition timing computer. By adjusting the optimum fuel delivery and when the spark plug fires, the Unichip can optimize your engine’s combustion process giving you more power, better throttle response, faster acceleration as well as improving fuel consumption. Log on to to view the dyno charts.

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