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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honda Civic Type-R By Mugen

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MUGEN the tuning car company just rolled-out their latest upgrade car package for Honda Civic Type-R hatchback.

The Honda Civic Type-R By Mugen would be available in the UK market in the third quarter of the year, the Tuning company Mugen enhanced the Honda Civic Type-R goes with a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine that gets a minimum 200 horsepower, as well as uprated shocks and springs and Mugen’s new ‘I-TCMS’ tire monitoring system.

Aero Dynamics

  • Front Under Spoiler
  • Front Sports Grille
  • Aero Bonnet
  • Rear Under Wing
  • Rear Wing


  • Hi-Performance Air Cleaner & Box
  • Filter Maintenance Kit
  • Filter Element
  • Sports Exhaust System
  • Hi-Performance Engine Oil REV-R

Hi-Performance Brake System

  • Brake Pad (2 Types)
  • Brake Rotor
  • Micromesh Brake Line
  • Hi-Performance Brake Fluid


  • Aluminum Wheel GP 18×7½J+60


  • Sport Suspension

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