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Friday, July 10, 2009

"Public Enemies" Cars on Display at Iola Car Show

Thousands of classic cars are on display at the 37th Iola Car Show, and a select few of them have gone on to become movie stars.

More than 2,000 classics are on display at the weekend-long event, turning a town of 1,200 into a museum for more than 100,000.

"We like Corvettes, but we like them all. We like them all," Scott and Sue Klein from Friendship, Wisconsin, said.

"So much of it there was, some real style and real innovation in the 50s and 60s," said enthusiast Jim Judish from Rochester, Minnesota.

This year, classic cars that appear in the film "Public Enemies" are drawing a huge crowd.

"These people were really excited when we decided to do this theme area for them, because they could get together and talk about the movie and everything," executive director Joan Shultz said.

Typically at a movie premiere the fans get to watch the stars walk the red carpet, but here it's the fans walking a red carpet to see 48 stars of the 30s-era gangster film starring Johnny Depp, which was partially filmed in Oshkosh.

Model A owner Chris Gundrum has pictures with the stars of the film to go along with the scenes his car is in.

"As they are walking in, the cameras are behind him and you can see our car, and that's our car right there," Gundrum said.

Ford owner Joe Ries was on the set for 18 days. Not only did Depp drive his car, but Ries says he also made it into the movie.

"When Billy gets arrested in the hotel and Johnny walks across the street and is about to clean up and decides not to, he drives away. When he's driving away you can see this car driving along side, and when he sinks out you can see my car."

Iola car show officials say with the addition of the film cars, they expect this year to set a record turnout.

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