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Friday, July 17, 2009

Supermom Denise Richards in her Mercedes-Benz GL450

Supermom Denise Richards in her Mercedes-Benz GL450

Denise Richards was spotted hopping into her Mercedes GL450 in Brentwood, California today. Perhaps Denise appreciates the GL's desert-quiet interior, perfect for sealing out the media madness surrounding a custody battle with Charlie Sheen. Or maybe she just wants to blend in with all the other wealthy moms in Southern California rocking the Mercedes-Benz GL these days like it's going out of style (and with volatile gas prices, it kind of is). Certainly Denise Richard's kids must love the optional dual 8" flat-panel-LCD screens, perfect for watching Dora the Explorer, Hannah Montana, Starship Troopers, etc. Or maybe Denise likes the GL450's 16 cubic feet of cargo space...for transporting her 11 dogs! (Who knew Denise Richards was the canine equivalent of your block's crazy cat lady?) Regardless, the Mercedes GL is a good look on Denise, and if she's ready to get her clean diesel on and still rock a GL, Mercedes is already there with their GL320 BlueTec.

1 comment:

Westport used Mercedes-Benz GL450 said...

Yes, this is nice story.
My choice is just like to Denise. I like the GL450 Mercedes model too much. But I want to buy one such used model of this super Mercedes. Can you please make me clear where will I be able to find them.