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Friday, July 17, 2009

110 Degree Desert Madness

My name is Wylie Styles and I'm an art director working on Need For Speed. I enjoy using the phrase "golden era hip- hop" a lot. Lately I have picked up a nasty photography habit and I like to shoot candid photos of people eating hot dogs, live racing etc. but not bugs because one may get in my bag and give me mad cow disease later. Anyways this past weekend I spent some time in a 110 degree desert with some really cool cars, bugs and Need for Speed Shift, here's a quick recap:

You can't tell from this photo but it was super-duper hot, our water bottles were hot enough to make tea. I can't remember the last time I've been anywhere this flat. Pretty cool you can see the mountains so clearly when they are miles away

Nissan Z behind the stands on setup day. The people you see here are “real” car fans, anyone that sits out in the desert sun with no shade must have a real love of cars.

Jo Jo, Need For Speed “booth babe”, and Jesse, Shift Producer, making sure things are right with the game before the gates open. For the record Jo Jo is a hardcore gamer, she's put mad hours into WOW, owns every system and has clocked more hours than most dudes I know on NFS games. If you get the chance to see her out when Shift is demoing she may be the last person you wanna challenge to a race

Need For Speed Shift Tent: A steady stream of people came to check out the game. The team should be proud, many people waited in the hot desert air just to give Shift a try and everyone left happy

Smoked out…

The Rice Police were on hand keeping the grounds safe

The Fast and Furious Mustang sans explosives and Vin Diesel

Introduction of the final 16: this is kind of like a Mad Max Thunderdome dealy, cars sliding every which way, tons of smoke, engines rumbling like a pack of wild animals...just crazy. This alone is worth the price of Formula D admission.

Nobody ever said the air at a drift event had to be fresh

A view from the tower. I still hear Jarod DeAnda the voice of Formula Drift yellin “Ohhhhh hoooooooooo sooooo Gangsta!” Big J adds much character to the night

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