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Friday, July 17, 2009

Nitro and SHIFT declared Winners at E3

As everyone’s mind moves from E3 and looks towards the next big games show in Germany we wanted to close off the E3 story with some great news from the judges from the event. As you’ll have seen from all the coverage so far people are pretty impressed with both Nitro and SHIFT but both games had particularly good sessions with the judges.

Need for Speed Nitro was voted Best Racing Game for Wii & DS by the guys at where they said: “Nitro didn't have much competition this E3, but rather than taking a "default" spot on our best of E3 it defined the category. Bringing an all new development team, engine, and visual style Nitro is 100% Wii, and it's the start of something great for EA and Nintendo's console. Blazing fast visuals (60 frames per second) mixed with some classic arcade drifting to create a package that's more Burnout than classic NFS. It may be alone in its category, but it would have topped the lot regardless.” were big fans of SHIFT as they crowned it the Best Racing Game for PS3 at E3. In their summary they said: “There was a lot of good competition on the racing front this year, but Need for Speed SHIFT outpaced everything else thanks to its incredible dashboard view. Your vision blurs, kicks and reels with smacks from other cars and the environment, and the engine feedback even while you're racing clean is top-notch. All other racers need to take note at how to handle a realistic driving perspective.”

After E3 the Nielsen group ran a survey to find out which games had impressed people enough for them to become ‘instant buys’ upon their release and both SHIFT and Nitro were in the top ten for the most interesting games at the show beating such games as Beatles Rock Band.

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