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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New TAG Heuer ad pitches Steve McQueen against Lewis Hamilton

McQueen and Hamilton : two legends duel at Le Mans

McQueen and Hamilton : two legends duel at Le Mans

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of its Monaco watch, TAG Heuer has gone down the fantasy road and imagined who would have won the race between Steve McQueen and Lewis Hamilton. They’ve used footage from McQueen’s Le Mans in which they’ve inserted Hamilton, a technique we remember getting great results in movies like Forrest Gump. It’s not as well done as the latter and the 3D cars could have used more work. Thinking about it, excerpts from Bullitt were used in a Ford ad in 1996 (!) for the Puma and, even though it’s much older, the transition between newer and original sequences seems much more seemless! Same for the 2004 Ford Mustang ad (also starring Steve). What happened TAG Heuer? All the money went to Hamilton and the McQueen family and you couldn’t afford a good producer? Anyway… it’s always nice to see old Steve. Considering he left us years ago, he’s been getting a lot of work in commercials lately.

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