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Thursday, July 16, 2009

While waiting for ‘Cars 2′, watch ‘Mater’s Tall Tales’!


Among our cult car movies, Disney/Pixar’s Cars ranks high. Very high. The way it pictures the car industry and culture, the characters, the photography, the design, even the storyline… it’s a fantastic movie. So ever since Cars 2 has been announced we’ve been giddy like schoolgirls. Only problem is: we have to wait until 2012.
To help us wait, John Lasseter’s team had come up with a mini-series of shorts featuring the beloved Mater. The Cars Toons: Mater Tall Tales air on the Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and ABC Family and include: “Rescue Squad Mater”, “Mater The Greater”, “El Materdor” and “Tokyo Mater”, that we’ve embedded below for your viewing pleasure. This fourth installment premiered in theaters in December 2008 before the movie Bolt and is our favorite. It’s a great parody of the Fast and Furious franchise, mainly of the second and third movies.

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