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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Transformer - Ford Mustang

Barricade - the Evil Saleen S281 - Front

From most angles, Barricade looks an awful lot like a Ford Mustang. But remember, it's actually a Saleen S281. There isn't a Blue Oval in sight.

Barricade - the Evil Saleen S281 - Rear

Barricade came from Saleen already painted black and white and already wearing the dark finish on its wheels. All the movie producers had to add were the light bar, front push bar and decals.

Barricade - the Evil Saleen S281 - Wheel

Like every production S281, the three Barricades came equipped with a modified suspension, 20-inch alloy wheels and tires, and oversize brakes. What they don't have is the 335-horsepower Saleen-modified 4.6-liter SOHC V8. They make do with the Mustang GT's 300-hp engine.

Barricade - the Evil Saleen S281 - Extra Car in the Garage

Since they're burning through about $100,000 an hour whether film is being shot or not, movie producers don't like to wait for a broken car to be fixed. So duplicates of virtually any significantly featured vehicle are a necessity.

Barricade - the Evil Saleen S281 - Shifter

The standard Ford shifter on the five-speed automatic transmission was adequate for filming. The fun in Barricade came from the additional lighting controlled by the makeshift panel just to the shifter's right.

Barricade - the Evil Saleen S281 - Decepticons' Intentions

It's not like the Decepticons are trying to hide their intentions, is it?

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