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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Transformer - Hummer H2

Ratchet - Heroic Hummer - Front

n a perfect world, every search and rescue team would have as good-looking a vehicle as the Ratchet H2. Of course, a perfect world also wouldn't have marauding, intergalactic transforming robots in it either.

Ratchet - Heroic Hummer - Search & Rescue Fire Dept.

The cartoon series Autobot and Decepticon badges have been incorporated into the graphics of all the robot vehicles where they could be. The problem is that wherever there's a helpful Autobot, there always seems to be an evil Decepticon right behind.

Ratchet - Heroic Hummer - Roof Rack

Ratchet's roof rack was fabricated, like the rest of its body, by Auto Motion, and is something of a work of art on its own.

Ratchet - Heroic Hummer - Front

The additional weight of Rachet's new steel box required the fitment of rear airbags to maintain ride height. But the running gear and suspension are otherwise stock H2.

Ratchet - Heroic Hummer - Interior

Ratchet's interior is also stock Hummer H2, only with worse rearward visibility. That's what happens when the side windows are replaced by sheet steel.

Ratchet - Heroic Hummer - Rear

The rear bumper is a modified part from Road Armor and the rear corner guards come from the same source. The stock H2 taillights were incorporated into the new steel box, while the H2's rear door handles became the door handles for the crew door at the rear of Ratchet.

Ratchet - Heroic Hummer - Wheel

All the rise in Ratchet's ride height come from the tall BFGoodrich Krawler T/A tires on massive wheels.

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