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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lotus Offers Supercharger Kits for the Elise and the Exige

Supercharger kits will be available for the Lotus Elise (shown) and the Exige.

Lotus enthusiasts looking to wring a little more power out of their rides now have a potent option: a supercharger kit for the Elise and Exige models.

The kits boost power in the naturally aspirated versions from about 189 hp to 218 hp and improve torque from 133 lb-ft to 155 lb-ft.

Even better, this added power comes on quicker, with peak torque coming on at 5,000 rpm, rather than 6,800 rpm. Stretching the rev band should help Lotus drivers tackle twisting roads and drive with gusto--even more than usual, the company says.

The kits use the same supercharger and integrated intake manifold found on the Elise SC. They work with new high-flow fuel injectors and a reprogrammed engine-management control unit to boost output. They can be fitted to any Elise or Exige with the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine.

The supercharger kit is shown.

The kits are available in the United States and Canada and come with a factory warranty.

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