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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Megan Fox hearts Pontiac

Megan Fox Pontiac ad

This one was for the Pontiac GXP, a.k.a Jazz in the movie, and was linked to a website ,, on which viewers could win an actual GXP. Killer 3 because (I’m taking a guess here): killer talent, killer ride, killer of Decepticons, as written in the commercial. To help the sales a little more, Megan Fox was there, which couldn’t hurt. And they didn’t write “killer body” but “killer talent” which was considerate of them.

So if you buy the car, you’re cool, because you’re ride is a baddass Autobot and you got your chance with Megan Fox. Yeah…

This ad promotes four things: the Pontiac GXP, the Pontiac brand (which all of a sudden is sexy), the movie Transformers and Megan Fox’ career. Pretty smart.

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