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Sunday, August 2, 2009


This car overcomes the force of gravity through the strategic use of an electric engine…and magnets. Winner of the unseen technology award at the interior motives design awards 2007, the mag magnetic vehicle concept (designed by matúš procháczka) finds an unusual
solution to the problem of, expending fuel to get somewhere.

Rather than finding a different fuel source, or building a smaller car, procháczka ingeniously reduces the weight of the car by using an electric engine with magnets the same polarity as the roads. the resulting upward force lightens the vehicle’s weight by 50%. another innovative touch is the desing of the seats: two outer layers, pile yarn, and a soft construction foam make it possible to adjust the final hardness and spring characteristics of the seat. this lightweight, adaptable seating not only cuts down on waste during construction and the overall weight of the vehicle while being driven, it also sounds pretty darn comfy.

Here comes the obvious disadvantage - in order for the magnetic engine to properly polarize, the roads on which it’s driven also have to be magnetized, which of course there aren't any...yet!

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