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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Proxima Car Bike

Proxima have answered my dreams! I have been jealous of motor bikes for so many years when stuck in traffic jam, they wizz past. However, i'm not that brave to be flying at 75mph without being surrounded by something comforting like airbags! Alvino Design has heard my prayers and combined both these elements into the Proxima, aka the Car-Bike. Check out this cool car...motorbike!

The perfect mid-point between a motorbike and a car, the Proxima tapers from the front to the back, giving it the sleek maneuvarability of your traditional Harley motorcycle. The seating arrangement also mimics that of a motorcyle with the passenger sitting in tandem to the driver, enhancing that back-of-the-bike thrill.

The sleek chrome and alloy exterior is so cool and the discreet side door complete the transition from bike-into-car. And thus my fantasy is complete: all the joy of zipping between lanes of traffic, with none of the attending helmet hair (or spinal injuries).

Forget the traffic in this cool bike...thing! As cool cars go, this is one of the coolest I have seen for a fair few months!

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